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23 28%
15 19%
18 22%
Fall (autumn)
25 31%
Its the same weather year round where I live
0 0%
Voters: 81.

Winter's gone, and you haven't yet been disappointed by Summer.
Winter. Snowboarding, outdoor rinks, snow tunnels, kicking snow in a nun's face; man I can't wait.
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Favorite season?
mine is winter
and omg, i liek omg used t3h seerchbarrr!!

but i would not be suprised if this has been done

Autumn of course. the leaves changing colors and falling off the trees are very pretty.
Autumn, definitely.

Oy, Kensai, post those brilliant autumnal pictures again, from your thread on this.
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winters nice because of the holidays. but i like summer too because theres more freedom. especially once u have a license. fall nice because of the beauty of the trees and all, especially when theres a sunny day. and spring is nice because its the end of the snow, and school comes close to an end, and we get back to nice weather. they're all kinda equal to me. but if i was to pick one, i would say winter. make poll now....

EDIT: kay, theres a poll now. nvm

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I like Fall and Winter because it's nice and cool and everything.
But Summer's up there too, because I get out of school.
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Autumn, definitely.

Oy, Kensai, post those brilliant autumnal pictures again, from your thread on this.

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Quote by genghisgandhi

More like the LIES-BAR.

in that order

I dont like being hot (more so than I dont like being cold) and I think snow is pretty.
and where I live, it snows through the end of autumn, through winter, and through the beginning of spring usually.

(it didnt snow yet, but I'm sure it will within the next couple weeks)
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1. Hockey
2. Fall
3. Spring
4. Summer
5. Winter


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Football Season!
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Summer and spring. I always enjoy the first warm, sunny day of the year, but i also love a nice hot summer with BBQs and backyard parties, the beach, the way women dress, vacation, the fact that i can walk around the house naked without freezing my nuts off...

I do love a stroll in the forest on a nice autumn afternoon though, it's beautiful with all the shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. I'd vote autumn if it weren't for the terrible weather that usually comes with it.

Winter sucks. Sure the snow is nice, but i hate the short days. You go to work and it's dark, spend the day indoors, then go home and it's dark. I get winter depression every year. People need daylight, i'm not a vampire.
I like autumn. The leaves are beautiful.
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Right fucking now. It could stay October all year long.
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