What do guys thinks of this as a secod guitar. playing for metal
any other explorer style guitars to try
remember only secong guitar
I've played one, didn't like it. It's not up to the standards of shred guitars nowadays. Pickups aren't special, quality isn't either (my friend's is falling apart and he's only had it for a year in it's hardshell case) and I suspect the tonewood isn't that great. I'd say anything lower than the 400 series from LTD isn't worth bothering. Go for an agile if you want something affordable but decent


I agree, try and find an Ltd Ex-400, it will of much better quality than the ex-50
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If you're after an Explorer shape go for an Epiphone, it'll probably be around the same price but it'll have better pickups and build quality.
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I am not fond of the low end guitars from ESP, the LTDs just don't seem to be up to par with the ESPs. Now that I have more experience with the two now that GC carries the line I can actually compare the two and compare them to other guitars. I would go with something different like the Epi Explorer. Look at used guitars you can score amazing deals now a days.
how much do u want??? want kind of condition is it in??? got any pics???

WHere can i find good used guitars on the internet????