So lately I've been learning the notes on the fretboard and instead of going through and learning a note one string at a time or one note at a time, I have been trying a different approach which has worked excellently. I know the E and A strings because of barre chords, so using the same approach, I have now easily learned the B and G strings with Major Triads.

Using the CAGED system (I use this as a reference: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/CH-008-Triads.php) I simply take easy chord songs and play along to them with Triads instead of regular chords. In less than two days, I'd say I am very confident in my knowledge of these strings (don't get me wrong, I obviously still have a lot of practicing to do) and not to mention, I learned a new chord type that I can implement into my playing. But now, I am one string short.

Can anyone think of any similar CAGED shapes that I could use that would have a root on the D string would help me learn that one as well? Thanks

(P.S. I highly recommend this approach if you've been struggling with others, it makes it seem so much simpler and you get a new skill out of it!)
if you just want a basic major and minor shape, here they are. the first one is major and the second one is minor (the root of the triad is on the D string)

here's the half diminshed one (you'll need it if you want to go up the neck diatonically)
I personally have no idea what CAGED means, and never bothered reading up on it, so my view might be totally irrelevant to this

but when it comes to chord shapes, with the root note in all various positions, for me no system or exercises really interested me, it was just about knowing the 5ths and the major/minor 3rds and so on of all the notes, so that whenever im at an F for example, my immediate instincts bring C and A, or Ab to my mind, that goes for every note

I'm a firm believer that online video lessons and things are really damaging to your style, and your overall grasp of music theory
use a d shape


its a major chord with root on the D
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thats a major seventh chord form with root on D
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I like playing Maj7 chords with a root on the D string, sometimes in second inversion with a 5th sounded on the A string. Like so...

2 2
2 2
2 2
0 0
x 0
x x

I works well because its a easy shape to shift quickly too.
Often times you'll just use 2 fingers for those, though I perfer fingering the whole chord and reaching the pinky out as a safety net.
So in most cases youll just need the R/5 chord then the R/6 chord.
So for bar chords use finger 1 for the root and finger 3 for the 5th.
The keep your finger 1 on the root and put your pinky on the 6th (up a whole step from the root) it's best if you can reach it to leave your 3rd finger down and strech cause most times you'll go back to that note.
You can also slide the pinky up one more fret (1/2 step) and get the b7.

Theses are eaier at first in open postion so u got an open string like A as the root put your first finger on E on string 4 fret 2 and use finger 3 for the f# at fret 4 on same string.
That works well for A, D, E, Pretty coomon blues riffs.
You can add b7 there to.
You'll hear that one a lot as well.
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|--7--|   |--2--|
|--7--|   |--3--|
|--7--|   |--4--|
|--5--|   |--5--|
|-----|   |-----|
|-----|   |-----|

Gm7       G7
|--6--|   |--7--|
|--6--|   |--6--|
|--7--|   |--7--|
|--5--|   |--5--|
|-----|   |-----|
|-----|   |-----|

G°7       Gm/maj7
|--6--|   |--6--|
|--5--|   |--7--|
|--6--|   |--7--|
|--5--|   |--5--|
|-----|   |-----|
|-----|   |-----|

G6        G9
|--7--|   |--5--|
|--5--|   |--6--|
|--7--|   |--4--|
|--5--|   |--5--|
|-----|   |-----|
|-----|   |-----|

Gsus2     Gsus4
|--5--|   |--8--|
|--8--|   |--8--|
|--7--|   |--7--|
|--5--|   |--5--|
|-----|   |-----|
|-----|   |-----|