I like it. Not sure if i'm a fan of whatever setting you have on in the very beginning, but overall its pretty good.
sounds really relaxing, really great tone on the guitar, the chord changes are good you should try putting some drums and bass to it to make it complete
listening to it i would add some pizzicato strings in the backround but that's just my take on it

if you don't have a bass or drums you can always use midi with ezdrummer you can get a really realistic sound for the drums
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Great tune! Would be awesome on an album as an interlude track or something like that. Try working on an ending and add some percussion (only as an effect).
I love the sound of it. Sounds so far away somewhere out in space!

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Where would I get a drum synthesizer? I can do it in guitar pro but it's tedious as hell. Anything simple?
Boxxxed, thanks for listening to mine! ...and yes everything but guitar is synth'ed. I am using a program called fruity loops that has a decent drum synth, amongst other things like piano, bass etc.

Now on 2 your song....I thought it was very pleasing to listen too and has nice ambient feel to it. The intro would work for a number of genre's - which is coolness! Certainly would try to complete an arrangement around that riff and you may have something sweet! BOL!!!