Hi guys, wanting to buy a wah pedal, but I havent a clue what I'm looking for really with wah pedals, so any suggestions on a pedal would be appreciated a lot. I dont want something thats going to cost too much either, but at the same time, I dont want something that'll break in a week.

Thanks in advance
dunlop makes a bass wah and so does snarling dogs. those are actually the only two i can think of that are fairly cheap. you can easily mod the basic dunlop wah or the basic vox wah to work well with bass though. i would go that route. try the dunlop crybaby and vox v847 and pick which you like more. then make your way over to the wah modding thread in GB&C and do a few simple mods to make it sound great and work with bass.
Just buy a used Dunlop GCB-95 and change the .01μF Sweep cap to a .068μF sweep cap and you're basically in the bass range. I'd still do a few other mods to get it sounding better but that's the only mod you technically need to make it a bass wah.
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and while you're at it, volume pedal? rocktron makes a tri wah, i forget the price though. i haven't tried it out. you can do all sorts of cheap mods to customize a wah pedal