Ok so...I have the Bogner Alchemist 212 (awesome amp for small venues or rehearsals) and Im running a FURMAN SPB-8 pedal board. I dont have a lot of effects..

just a boss tuner-compressor sustainer-boss tremelo- noise suppressor-Line6 DL4 - boss equalizer

I only have one problem with this setup, The DL4 sounds like it is going through the preamp instead of through my effects loop...so is this a common problem? or am I running my pedalboard wrong? HELP
I don't know. Maybe try switching the positions of the EQ and the Noise Suppressor though. I was always curious as to how these amps handle pedals. Not sure on the details of the FX loop like series vs parallel etc.

ok, let's try this again, because based on what you posted your chain as, it IS going through your preamp. after taking a closer look, I think yo meant this:


which is exactly how i'd set it up, but is by no means the only way to go about it. eh... i might throw the compressor in the loop right before the gate... maybe.

the loop is parallel. the "blend" knob is the same thing as "mix." set it to 100% and adjust levels from your pedals. using an EQ in a parallel loop set on anything other than 100% is going to cause unwanted internal phasing effects (part of the signal goes through EQ pedal, part does not...). same thing goes for the gate (even more so), you don't want to only send part of your signal through it... all or nothing at all.
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well actually ive been messing with it and i think im just having a problem with the furman. i took the DL4 and ran it alone thru the gx loop and it worked fine. im just having a problem with running it thru. Ive tried every output/input and it sounds like it still puts it thru the front end