I just bought a 2009 Gibson les paul standard and I took it out of the box and started playing, didnt set it up, or anything, do yu recommend that I go into a guitar shop and have it set up? Or does it not need to?
The only person that knows if it needs a setup is you. Does it feel and sound good? Is the action where you like it? Intonation check? I reccomend you read the setup sticky and checke everything yourself but do follow the golden rule.

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wait for awhile, the temperature of your house will make the wood expand or contract and could really mess up stuff like the action. dont get it set up till its been in your house for awhile
depends. They're supposed to do all that at the factory. If you're changing tunings or string gauges, I highly recommend it.
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Most shops i know throw in a free setup when you buy a guitar that expensive...

If it came in a box and not off the shelf then it probally doesnt need one. But you should check its action and intonation to see if its in good shape.
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It's always good to get a guitar set up, the guitar was built in nashville and thats where it was set up, and i dont know where you live but still, its always a good idea to have a guitar set up.
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It won't hurt to get it set up if you think it needs one. How does it play and sound? I have bought guitars that were in dire need of a good set up and then there are a few I never bother with because they seemed fine. A good shop will set up a guitar but do not expect that from a huge retailer like GC.