Suggest me one
So far ive found the
-Marshall MS-2
-Marshall MS-4
-Smokey Amp

Id like to be able to get it for under £30 as all of the above are, and i'd be getting it primarily for playing in the street. Does anyone have any experience with the amps ive mentioned and can tell me if theyre any good.. ie sound, battery life, volume..

I think I heard the smokey amps were good.

Vox amplugs are great if you just want to play with headphones on the street.

Danelectro HoneyTone ftw
What about the micro cubes? maybe they a bit too expensive. don't know.
i have a MS 2, and it sounds great! it has a normal channel and an overdrive channel, and both work well, but the od channel is much louder, about the equivalent of 2 or 3 on a 15 watt amp. however it sadly doesn't work anymore, as i was quite rough with it, but while it did, the battery lasted forever
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Vox DA and micro cubes are a bit too expensive I think... That honeytone thing sounds great clean but awful distorted :P Ive had a little listen to all of them and I think im going to go with the MS 2, although its a little hard to tell what they really sound like through youtube videos :P Thanks for the help :>
teh danelectro HD1 is a great little battery powered amp, comes with some built in effects and it works great as an acoustic amp too
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I have a Danelectro Honeytone (it isn't my main amp :-) ), and I've had it for years. I once got yelled at for playing about 10am on a Saturday morning with it cranked, from a guy that heard me from his upstairs apartment, with the windows closed, about a half a block away. Not kidding. It's been a good amp, the 9 volt lasts a long time, it's loud for a 2 watt, and gets some grungy overdrive. My main amp is a bit bigger than the Honeytone.
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