should i re-build a douglas zeke L/H, or an SX SST Floyd rose L/H?itd be more or less the same mods but the zeke is a TOM / stoptail so id put in a roller bridge and a fine tuning stoptail, but the SX has a floyd so id just leave that in. the SX id paint it white with a black pickguard and the Douglas id paint rings wth different neon colours. otherwise all the pups would be the same, tuners, strap pins, onboard stuff etc. i just wanna know which one you guys think would be cooler looking and sound better, thnx.
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damn...that is a toughy

i'd choose the douglas, your idea seems more far out

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It is close. Just pick one to do first then do the other one. I would say the SX SST Floyd rose first.
Rebuild both, but rebuild the one you will use more first.

If your not doing both, rebuild the one that will be used more.
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i only have enough money for one re build thats why im asking which guitar to get
Don't steal.
The government hates competition.