Not sure if this goes here, but it seemed about right.

ok so me and a couple of people are doing a song for my school's coffee house, and I'm having a sax player, and a trumpet player, and a drummer.

Would the 2 horn instruments need to be micd? I don't want the drums to drown out the two of them, but the drum part isn't anything heavy.

Here's the version of the song we're doing if that helps you determine whether the drum will drown out the 2 horn instruments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj7qfh70gak
excellent, and yeah saxes and trumpets do get loud! realized that today while rehearsing.

thanks guys
Quote by noddy-whack
get the drummer to use brishes or hot rod sticks, and the horns wont need micd

If it ends up that the horns are too quiet, do this. Soft sticks work wonders.

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