I've been trying to figure out how to use the same finger to play different strings in rapid succession, but it usually turns out clumsy and unreliable.

I'll use Raining Blood as an example, specifically ascending/descending riff between the gallops. That is...


My problem is that I can't quickly and accurately play the C# (4) on the A string because a) I roll my ring finger downwards to fret it and sometimes end up partially muting/covering the D string, or b) I can't pull my ring finger off the G# (4) on the E string and fret it on the A string fast enough.

More than anything, it comes down to practice and finger strength, but even then I'm at a loss: what route would be better to take?

Should I learn to roll my finger to fret the C# and move it before I play the F on the D string, or should I focus on physically lifting my finger and fretting it solely on the A string?

The problem gets even worse when I try to do the same thing while skipping a string (as is the case in Sweet Child O' Mine), where you jump from the G string to high E using the same finger (to end the main riff).

I -can- do these riffs, but they require a lot of focus and both are really clumsy and inconsistent for me.

How would you suggest I get over this?
Do it slowly, get in the habit of lifting your finger off the A string before you hit the notes on the D string.
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