Ok so Sam ash had ESP LTD EC-1000's for 599. I got guitar center to price match for a color not included in the sale hehe. This guitar is amazing and the EMG's really do sound great.

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Really like the black with gold Hardware.

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Now, string it with some Black or Gold Aurora strings to enhance its stark simple beauty!

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Sexy. What kind of EMG's are they?
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I just put on some not even slinky lol but after they wear out I might put on a set of those aurora.
Nice I wish I had gotten an ESP instead of my Epi
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
I have the sunburst one with duncans


Nice guitar though!
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is that the new invisible string model? awesome!

amazing dude, enjoy
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lol The strings were off for like 2 minutes while taking pics and changing. the factory strings had some minor rusting.
wow good work! i noticed sam ash was only offering that price for the white finish and that made me sad. $600 is indeed a nice price for an ltd deluxe!

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Ghastly guitar and terrible pickups.

But, I'll bet it plays nice. I've yet to pick up an ESP that doesn't. HNGD!

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Beautiful guitar, the picture almost sounds as good as the guitar probably does.
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DAMN!! That great Looks great! It must sound great cause Ive heard great things about it. I gotta get my hands on one of these guitars
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I always think guitars look really weird without strings, they kinda freaks me out a bit ( I was molested by a string-less guitar in my youth =s)
HNGD awesome choice!
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That is one of the best esp I have ever seen in my life.

I'm super loving the satin black with gold hardware.

Just beautiful man

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I'm not a fan of single cutaway guitars, usually...

but this one really does it for me. I love everything about it! I'm jealous!

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I think if I ever repaint a guitar, it's gonna be Matte black!
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Nice, now you might wanna put some strings on it! HNGD!
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that thing is GORGEOUS!! im aiming for EMGs on my next guitar. lookin at gettin a hellraiser though. Congrats!! and HNGD!


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