We are look for a guitarist from anywhere from 16-19 years old. We play thrash metal,sound sorta like Megadeth,Testament,Exodus,Anthrax,Toxik,Vio-lence,Annihilator,etc. We are in the more progressive/melodic end of it though. Requirements are the follow:
- Have a sense of humor and overall be a nice person.
- Be able to rehearse 2-3 times a week.
-Play Tight rhythm guitar and decent leads.( must be able to play constant fast triplets,weird chord progressions,and 80's like riffs)
-Be able to get transportation FROM and TO.
-Must not have an addiction to anything,drinking in occasions is fine.
-Be able to fit the void we are missing.
- look good on stage.

Our Band myspace is the following: www.myspace.com/divided_skies check us out there/contact us there.
ahhh....Im ok I'v asked before but never got anything back and now Im in a band but idk...You go to school with one of my friends.
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maby you could sent me the tabs to one of your songs like broken skull or something and I'll try to learn it and see if I can post it.

Edit: I only have ywo guitars and I play in D standard that I sometimes drop to C and I have anyother crappy one....

Check your friends requests.
Gibson Thunderhorse
Jackson RR24M
B52 AT100
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Yeah,i'll give you tabs to one of our newer songs.

ok cool you want my email or something?? or do you have them power tabbed?
Gibson Thunderhorse
Jackson RR24M
B52 AT100