Check it out. It's a song I've been working on for a couple weeks. I kind of have a cold but I felt like making a video. It's a pretty basic version of the track. I really want to get a lot more instruments in there cause I have some cool, live, jammy ideas to use with it - but I need a drummer and a bassist at least. I love it, but it definitely is lacking some depth right now. Hoping to get a band and turn this into something cool.

Let me know what you think!
groovy. a tad long though

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Word man. I'm trying to make it into a long, live jammy song - like jam band-esque. Just something I've been milling over for a while. I preciate the crit though man. I really want a drum, bass, second guitar, vocalist, and maybe a saxophone with this song haha. It needs more intstruments I think.