I`m looking for a replacement for my ERG121 for some obvious reasons. My budget is £200-£450. I am playing mostly hardcore. Tried out some Jacksons and quite like the thin neck of the JS30 DKT but didn`t like the V-shaped one I`ve tried; I really don`t fancy strats either.

I play through a Vypyr. Any suggestions are welcome


That should work. Has EMG's, which is what a good majority of the metalcore bands use.
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Schecter's if you don't like thin necks.

Look into Hellraiser series, the necks are secks.
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Thank you for the replies, guys. I`ve already considered Schecter but they are a bit pricey here in the UK. Here you can get a rough idea for Queen`s prices.

Any thoughts on Epiphone Les Paul Studio? I don`t mind fitting it with EMGs at some point
The LTD EC series would work. I would go for the Les Paul Standard instead of the studio. And play as many as you can Epiphones quality is all over the place, but there are really good ones out there. And make sure you really want EMG's lots of bands use em but plenty don't I think theyre a love or hate kinda thing.
ESP, Schecter, Ibanez, or Jackson would all work... really can't go wrong.
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