Wrote this song a while ago. One of my bands songs. Has a little bit of a jazzy feel in some parts. Might have to change the first verse a bit. Sounds too much like A Night At The Spleen by Closure In Moscow. Influenced by Closure In Moscow, Dance Gavin Dance.

Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2AM.gp5
Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2AM.gp4
Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2AM.mid
Is the title a how I met your mother reference?
Anyway, interesting song! I can definitively hear some Dance Gavin Dance influences, as well as jazz. It doesn't sound weird though mixing the different genres I must say, you made it work
I liked the tapping lead at bar 62 it works well with transitioning into a new part
My favourite part was the verse after "segue", the first channels guitar part sounded really unique
the only negative thing I can think of is that the chorus maybe sounded a little off compared to the rest of the song, it had a slightly different feel imo.
Good and different song overall!
Love the beginning, the lead isn't too fast or anything, less is more.

I love bar 10, when everything comes in. You change it up with those triplets, which I like. The lead is awesome in bar 14.

The verse is pretty great, it's fresh and interesting, I like the drums. I like how the verse 2 is the same melody as the intro, just distorted. Love the prechorus .

The chorus is pretty awesome, very epic sounding. Love it. The segue part is a bit abrupt, but I guess it's a nice release from the loud, fast chords, which comes right back in afterwards. ^_^.

I like the screaming parts rhythm, you can tell there's something more that's gonna go on. The next chorus is great, too, obviously.

Love the presolo's build up, and I like how in the solo you mix it up with triplets and octaves, not just hitting one note at a time always. The ending is great, it sorta brings back the beginning's thing [that jazzy chord].

Great piece, I'd say 9/10. I can't think of anything to correct.

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This is best post-hardcore I've heard in a while.
I love the jazz influence over the whole song. Gives it such originality.
I'm quite a fan of the lead in the first verse.
My favourite bit of the song would have to be the "screaming" part before the chorus.
And I loved the solo.
Wasn't too too difficult but wasn't easy at all. Loved it.

I'd give the song a 9.5/10.
This is one of the best songs I've heard on UG.
There's nothing I don't like about it, except the fact I'm not too big a fan of post-hardcore-ish stuff. But, I loved this. Good work.

Quote by eiirish
Is the title a how I met your mother reference?

haha. yesss. love that show. anything of yours you want me to crit?

thanks for the crits guys. i returned the favor.
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haha. yesss. love that show. anything of yours you want me to crit?

thanks for the crits guys. i returned the favor.

Some of us do it for altruistic reasons. For moral and political...nvm.

Actually, I usually don't ask for C4C unless I have a new piece out. As such, I only crit pieces that I like or presume that I like. When I see your name, Thomasoman, or Piratemetalhead on the front page, I know it's quality. No worries there.

I knew that you released a song with that title before, but I wasn't sure. Then I heard it. I was like, oh. It's from the comp. Regardless of that, this is a good piece.
I don't have time for a full crit, but I'm just gonna be honest; it was awesome. The riffs were creative, nothing really clashed, and it all sounded great. Nice choice in chords, too.