So I got 600 bones + a Marshall 250dfx im selling. Guitar center is willing to give me 225 for the amp on a trade in....or im selling it on craigslist for 250$.

so roughly 800 bones....

I started playing guitar when i was 25, now 29. Still not that great, but went through a stage of buying guitars left and right, and had that marshall 250dfx amp. Bought another ashdown 40 watt tube. Now 4 years later, I realized, all i needed was a nice 5 watt tube.

So i just bought a fender vibro champ, and am digging it thus far. But I also recently sold my gibson les paul faded dc with p90's.

Now im just debating to do with the extra cash -

GC has a USA fender for 699, thats an alpine white that i dig...there's also a worn MIM strat (white) thats kinda cool


Also thinking of getting another middle of the road axe like 300-400 and spending the extra money on studio speakers to better my recording setup....

or scrap all this and im gonna buy an imac and replace my linux desktop....(for recording purposes)

thx for any suggestions...money is burning a hole in my pocket
you should get an ibanez RG. and im not sure exactly what your looking for in these speakers, but you should check out celestians i have them right now and the sound is just pristine! my friend picked up some really good 120 watt 4ohm speakers for 10 bucks at salvation army haha but i think he just got lucky.
It sounds like you have plenty of guitars. We can't tell you what you need or want... all we can do is suggest some things for you to look at. Is there any direction in particular you want to go in? you sound like you don't know if you want a new guitar, a new amp, or some recording equipment
Current Gear:
Original PGM100 (good condition, but some electronic wear)
MIM sunburst strat (maple neck)
MIM natural tele (maple neck)
Faded Gibson SG
Yamaha acoustic

Ashdown FA40 (40 watt tube, not to crazy about, too loud for the bedroom)
Marshall 250dfx (currently trying to sell for 250, or 200 trade in a GC)
Fender Vibro champ (man what difference, happy with this purchase)

mic and tascam us-144
boss ds1
Boss blues driver 1
Bad Monkey overdrive pedal
Jamman looper


For some reason i just gear, i was debating on a new ibanez, cuz i love the feel of my PGM100 that i got used....

But also love my MIM strat, and wouldnt mind an american version, or i saw those new road worn MIM strats not sure what you think of them....

Thx again....

Mostly play classic rock, 80s type stuff