Maybe one of u guys can help me out here....Does a brand new 110 have a upward bow in the top behind the bridge? like if u put a straight edge from left to right will it touch in the center but not on each side? And if so by how much?
Mine does, very VERY slightly. No more than a millimeter's clearance. Probably about half that actually.
That is normal, all this should have came with your packaging when you bough the guitar. If not go to the taylor site. Talks about keeping your guitar in the right conditions ( not to wet/dry ) what an acceptable guitar should look like and what is too wet/and or dry.

BTW you have a bow in the back too thats even bigger... take a look
This is normal also for this guitar.
Yeah i have the papers but the guitar is a 2005 and obviously i bought it used so....i just thought it would be easy to ask on here. I know it has a bow in the back. But below the bridge i can kind of feel the seem just slightly and i put a straight edge across it right behind the bridge and it has like 1/8th of space on the far left and right...

Also on the top where your arm lay to strum it is shiny from someone playing it. Is there a way to make the whole top have that same shine?
And it has a lil pick wear under the guard its like you can feel the wood grain. Is there a way to fix this or will it be fine?
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you dont need to "fix" the pick marks under the guard lol

you wont be digging through the top anytime soon just by strumming heavily

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Yeah the bow is normal. You should notice either high action if it is too wet or buzzing if it is too dry. Because the top fluctuates with the humidity.( considering your guitar is set up right considering your preference )

As far as the shine I do not know... might be able to try some sort of guitar conditioner..cleaner etc.. Someone here might have more info.

As far as the wood grain , I belive the 110 has a LIGHT coating if any. ( I could be wrong prolly why they sell it cheaper ) You might be able to fnd some guitar touch up or just go down to a local hardware store and grab some wood finish ( polyurethane ) and touch it up with a china bristle brush so the stroke lines won't show up. Just a light coating would do around the area. Yet then again might wanna talk to someone that knows a bit more about guitars.
Its not that i think im going to dig through the top anytime soon it would just be nice to fix it.

It would nice too if the top had a little bit of shine.