Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.

I am looking for some suggestions for a good budget vocal amp/pa+setup. I play Death metal and I just need something that will help my growls roar and my screams kill. I don't use any affects, I just need something that will help project my raw sound. any suggestions?

I play bass and my amp maxes at about 200w, solid state. I need something that will also be able to compete with that.

I have a Shure beta 58 A and my old pa mysteriously vanished .

When I say budget I'm thinking somewhere around $500-$600.
Geez.... I'm not sure what you're looking for even exists at that price point. Look at used stuff.

A 200W bass amp and a drum kit in a death metal band is going to be freakin' loud. I was going to suggest maybe a 200-300W keyboard amp with an XLR input, but that's just not going to cut it in that environment.

You're going to need a PA - probably in the neighbourhood of 400W to achieve that. You're not going to get that at your price point. You might get the amp or the speakers at that price point, but not the whole package.

As I say.... look at used stuff. Now, that's good advice anyways because used stuff always represents a better bang for the buck. There are bands breaking up and dumping their rehearsal PAs all the time. As long as it works and sounds good, it should be fine. If they've beaten the crap out of it, you'll probably know when you try it out before you lay your money down. If it works fine (check every channel!!!) and sounds good where they are selling it, it will be fine for you.

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