Hello all, I changed out the strings on my guitar the other day from 10's to 11's. I just wanted to see how that specific guitar sounded with the deeper tunings. Anyways I noticed that only one fret on one string is "dead". It still sounds but not fully. Is this just an issue of string height or should I adjust the truss rod? Also I've notice through out my guitar playing is the fret buzz all up and down the fretboard. Is this just something that every guitar has and I have to tune out or is there is way to completely get rid of it? The fret buzz isn't really bad but it does get annoying every now and then.

Thanks for the Help
Raise your action
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What kind of guitar is it?

You should only adjust the truss rod if you can feel/see a difference in the neck. Otherwise just raise the action a little.
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there are a few things to consider when changing string gauges, although going from 10's to 11's isn't a huge jump but it could have caused your neck to straighten out. if raising the action doesn't work, look at the neck to see if it is dead straight or if it has a slight bow
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