I hve a Fender cd140 acoustic electric guitar that has the high E string out of pitch. When tuned open, it rings to proper pitch, when fretted at the 12th fret, it is a little sharp. This is causing open A and D chords to ring out of tune. The other chords ring in pitch (or close enough to not be a concern or noticeable). I looked around the internet and found one place tat said to compenate the nut by putting a shim of some sort on the first fret, touching the nut, in order to raise the strings to put them in proper pitch. I did this, and it fixed the problem, but now i have a 1/4 inch of a heavy guage string holding the string in pitch. It's not in the way at all, but obviously something I want fixed. I also would like to lower the action and use a different gauge string, but both of those are things I can deal with. I need to get this intonated properly. If anyone knows a way to kill 2 birds and lower the action while fxing the intonation, thatd be great, but that one string is bothering hte hell out of me. Thanks in advance for helping
Maybe it's time to take it to a technician and get a setup done. Usually that will do wonders.
I just got the guitar a few days go, I didn't notice the problem at Guitar Center. I know they'll probably fix it, but i live really far aay from them. Actually, I emailed the "local" (hour away) music store and they said "Sorry we dont do these kinds of repairs". It seems like a minor repair for a guitar shop, I was appauled and shocked that they didn't do it. I'm kind of stuck trying to fix it myself unfortunately
I have Advice. When you purchase an acoustic guitar. dont buy a Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, Ibanez, Rouge or Dean.

I say this because, every time I play my fender guitar i think "Your pretty, but you sound like some chinese man spent 20 minutes putting you together with superglue and the threw you across the room into a box to get labelled with "FENDER(R)" so it could be sold for 6000% of its value."
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