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Ok so if theres a (word/word) pick one if theres two diff lines pick one ok? Thanks.

Do i need a chorus or just all these verses?

Heres my idea

D add9sus4 - G add9 - C add9 - A minor - C major - Em

Strumming pattern = DDU DUD (switch chords) idk if it will work or not. no other ideas yet.


Verse I

Questions linger unanswered
visions of a perfect world
remain one creature
now shattered leaving a road
paved by silence and abandonment

Might escape this place
but you'll never forget her face
feel every nail penetrate
a baby's perfect hide

(repeat chorus) NEED ONE.

Verse II

Thoughts of death a commodity
palpable only in dreams
screams become hits
on your personnal radio station

Back with your fix
in your comfort zone
a single image scrathched
upon eyelids and asylum walls

(repeat chorus)

Verse III

In control of every thought
within the sub-consious
warmness her bait
there's no found cure
you'll have to endure

Feel the bricks of life
crumble like twigs
under her control
the modern day troll


The raven in our midst
in search of another victim
she'll leave a scar infinite to all
in a world self-containted

(repeat chorus)
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