Ok, so i've been playing for 1.5-ish years and i've started to learn some scales in attempt to be a good lead guitarist. SO what i've been doing is starting off with the A minor penatonic scale in the 5 positions. After i've got that down I add the 2 and the 5 notes to the scale and practice that in the 5 positions. I've noticed that the patterns seem to be the same for any key in the minor scale.

Is this a good way to be going about this?

Also what would be a good way to learn the major scale?

I've been using the "step" way, but that takes awhile to figure out a scale and I want to use intervals, but I just can't seem to learn the major scale.
Okay what your asking has a VERY simple answer, all you need to do is...
Step1:Locate Paul Gilbert.
Step2:Ask him to go to Medical School.
Step3:Wait four years.
Step4:Buy Mark John Sternals book Total Scales Techniques and Applications.
Step5:Ask Paul Gilbert to Surgically program all known scales into your brain.
In all seriousness. Yes all scales are the same pattern in a different key. Say the notes of the scale as you play them. Form triads from a scale and learn to play those chords. Oh and write out licks that are within the scale and then play them thats what i do, It will help you get the sound and feel of the scale in your ears and hands to instead of just playing the scale in a linear fashion.
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Learn the intervals in the major scale, learn about all the other intervals, learn the circle of fifths and learn the notes on your guitar.