Dear friends,
I've just started a Sydney based label Black Drone, which will be releasing small runs of CDrs by underground artists. The aim is to bring people good music which otherwise could remain unreleased by commercially oriented companies. We'll be making our products as cheap as possible so that more people can afford buying it and therefore providing bigger audiences for our artists.

Be aware though that we are not for profit organisation and are not paying to artists no matter how good they are. You are making music, we are making artwork, burning limited number of CDs and selling them. In return you are widening the auditorium of your listeners and getting several free copies of your work and opportunity to buy extra copies at discounted rate. No wide promotion is made unless we want to, but we welcome artists to advertise their releases in any way they think is appropriate. Maybe, it will change in future, but now it is so...

Currently the plan is to begin three series of releases in following genres:
- Ambient (Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Black Ambient, Death Ambient, Ritual Ambient, Deep Ambient, Field Recordings and everything related)
- Metal (Black Metal, Drone Metal and Death Metal)
- Experimental (electronic or acoustic experimentations and actually anything weird)

In general, there is no much concern about the style - what important is the atmosphere of the music you are making... If you think that your music lies somewhere close to what is listed above - you are more than welcome!
Please send your demo either as a CD to our postal address or upload it to megaupload, sendspace or some other server. No myspace links or files attached to e-mails!

I'll be glad to receive for possible release as full albums as shorter pieces of music for splits.

Currently there is no info about the label in web since I'm planning to gather some number of releases first and then go online and try to promote it.

e-mail: blackdronelabel at gmail.com
Address: 27/51 Hereford St, Sydney, 2037 NSW, Australia

All the best,