Look me in the face
Tell me you've got a soul
You're so different from everyone else
Lifeless eyes and thoughtless minds
Staring at nothing in a Hot Topic
You're unique
You're sure of it;
You paid good money for this.

Bright colors and false convictions
Just like all your friends
No one can tell you how to live your life

Unspoken words lead you like a sheep
No one stops to think;
Is this really who I am?

You see what you want to see
You think what they want you to think
like a sacrificial animal
the lambs life is not for me

Intelligence is a thing of the past
Trade reason for ignorance
What does the world matter,
when you've got an image to uphold?
Tape your eyes shut,
You'll see just as well
Keep your mouth shut,
when your talking to me.
This was really nice. The last two stanzas were fantastic. I think you touched on a really common subject for most musicians/ creative people in general. This peice brilliantly desribes how being unique has been sadly misinterpreted by our generation. The emotion you put into this really comes through. It was a great read.

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Pretty good, sends a great message out there. Not sure if the Hot Topic line was really needed. Also, the line "Unspoken words lead you like a sheep" makes me think the sheep is leading. Maybe it's just the wording? I like it though in general
"Tape your eyes shut,
You'll see just as well
Keep your mouth shut,
when your talking to me."

I love that last bit.

I love the whole thing really.
Very nice portrayal of today's apparent view on individuality.
I'm sure plenty of people, including myself, can relate to the sense of frustration and such shown in this.

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