So i am a beginner guitar player looking for a guitar that will last me through my Metal playing "career" im trying to decide on 2 guitars mostly to play and cover bands like Sonic Syndicate, In Flames, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive and The Human Abstract just off the top of my head.

Im just not satisfied with a $150 dollar off brand Strat - I want the real sound to practice with and keep for a long time (its like practicing on an acoustic when you wanna play metal) So far ive been searching for a value guitar with... value, so far i have found ESP to be spot on what im looking for, i love the look of there guitars and the body, they dont skimp on product either for the price imo.

(Link): http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_mhnt.html
$650-800 depending on where you buy

■25.5” Scale
■Mahogany Body
■Quilted Maple Top
■Maple Neck
■Rosewood Fingerboard
■42mm Earvana Compensated Nut
■Thin U Neck Contour
■24 XJ Frets
■Black Nickel Hardware
■Grover Tuners
■TOM Bridge
■EMG 81 (B) / 85 (N) Active p.u.


(Link): http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_deluxe-mh.html

■25.5” Scale
■Mahogany Body
■Quilted Maple Top
■Maple Neck
■Rosewood Fingerboard
■42mm Earvana Compensated Nut
■Thin U Neck Contour
■24 XJ Frets
■Black Nickel Hardware
■ESP Locking Tuners
■Tonepros Locking TOM
■Seymour Duncan JB (B) /
59 (N) p.u. w/ 5-way Ultra Switch

I know it would be best to go and try both guitars out and decide but im not really able to do that atm so if you have any experience with the pickups, tuners, etc it will help me out when i make the decision Thanks

- Atm i have just use my practice amp but im planning on getting a Line 6 Podx3 for direct recording and playing through my speakers, but ive heard its somewhat complicated so i might also opt for the Line 6 Spider 50 or 75 watt, or the Vox VT30 Valvestate i think its called.

Also thanks for the feedback, im also just thinking this as more of a wishlist, ive been loving playing guitar, its the most fun instrument ive ever played i cant believe how big the learning curve is with a lesson plan.
I want to work hard to get good because it will be a huge self accomplishment for me to be able to play anything i want! that freedom is what makes me want to keep playing so i see investing in a good guitar to be worthwhile overall, but yes i agree with ya, buying just because it is better doesnt mean it will make you play better.
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What amp do you have? EMGs won't be good through a beginner amp.

Out of the two I would pick the MH1000. I found it better constructed and better sounding than the LTD. But really, play them both and make a decision based on what you think.

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To be honest, these guitars are a bit high endish for a beginner.. Maybe try a low end Ibanez or Jackson or even an ESP, itll save yah cash if you give up, but is still a good guitar if you decide to continue..
my friend has the mh1000 fixed bridge and its good but personally i like my ibanez s series 1000 times better im not biased to what i own as i also own an ltd ec-1000 and i just like the ibanez better
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