Hello everyone, my name's Clayton, and I'm new to the forum. I started
playing seriously about 3 months ago, after purchasing my lovely '66
G-400. I played a some 10 years ago, but it was mostly easy punk power
chord stuff. This time around, I'm learning the right way, by practicing proper technique, doing regular approach exercises, and memorizing real chords and how they relate to one another. The Heavy Guitar Bible is definitely a must read for any beginner guitarists who wants to take their playing seriously. Right now I'm playing through an Ibanez IBZ10G at home for practice, and jam through an Epiphone Valve Jr mini half-stack. The only mods I've done so far is replace the cheap plastic knobs with Gibson Speed Knobs, switched my strings to 11s, and adjusted my action and intonation.

I mostly play sludge/stoner metal stuff, as well as some greasy/trashy/beer drinking blues/punk. I'm wanting to swap pickups to give me a heavier tone that compliments my style better. EFS pickups have really nice prices, but there's so many to choose from that I have no idea where to start looking. Any comments about these pickups, or suggestions for others at are cheap and fit the sound I'm after, are greatly appreciated.

Sometimes I like to play in D drop C for heavier stuff... so any tips on the best way to setup that tuning would be awesome.

I'm also considering doing somethong about my glassy, sticky neck. Even after lots of playing and polishing, it's still way too sticky. I've read of folks using high grit sandpaper or steel wool, but as I'm very inexperienced with that sort of thing, I was wondering if there's a safer/easier way of doing this.

Also, any other mods or tips you could suggest to squeeze the most potential out of this guitar is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance for any insight or wisdom about these matters.
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