Hey everybody!!
I've got a very disturbing noise on certain pickup selections.My guitar is an Ibanez RGR321EX with 5 way switch.On position 3 (both humbuckers) and position 5 (bridge humbucker) there's that screeching noise as soon as I touch the strings slightly.That happens only at those two positions and with the gain more than 6. When I play with headphones there's no problem at all. Does anyone know a solution for that problem??

Thanks in advance for the replyes!!
if it`s feedback, move away from your amp

when it`s on the clean channel does it hum and gets worse or better when you touch the strings. check the ground connections
indeed, it's feedback, just lower your volume (or gain) or move away from the amp a bit...
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Thx 4 da quick replyes...first the problem doesnt occur in the clean channel....
Wouldnt the problem also persist in the other pickup selections if it would be feedback?...btw moving away from the amp doesnt help....
Check your input jack, for some reason mine was backwards out of the factory, make sure the black wire is closer to the inside of the body than the white one as its the grounding wire
check the wiring and spray some servisol on all connections inside the guitar.

what amp are you using and what else is in in signal chain.

write out your signal chain like this

guitar>(pedal 1)>(pedal 2)etc >amp.......substitute (pedal1)for actual pedal name (eg boss ds 1)

honestly though it`s the bridge humbucker(just re-read the 1st post) check the wiring
Im using a roland microcube amp and the guitar is directly connected to the amp so there are no pedals.I checked the wiring already theres nothing wrong with it.The noise comes only at switch positions 3 and 5.Not at 4 where the bridge pickup is connected parallel....bt im gonna check all connections once again. Thx for the help!!!
I think i found the problem...one of the ground connections was loose.Not in such a way as it hung in the air with no connection at all but it was soldered to ground and the solder was partly ripped off.Dont know if it is that and i dont wanna fix it myself because the guitar is brand new and im scared of the warranty and stuff.I let it fix by the shop where i bought it and we'll see:-)...
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Can Someoe Help Me I Have The Same Problem On The Same Guitar It Sucks Please Someone Help Its Only 4 Months Old
Get it checked out by a guitar store that does repairs. If they find nothing, then it's most likely feedback, in which case, move AWAY from the amp and/or turn the volume down.