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The scariest movie I have ever seen!
7 44%
9 56%
Somewhat scary
7 44%
7 44%
Good acting
9 56%
Bad acting
8 50%
Don't plan on seeing it
12 75%
Planning on seeing it
9 56%
I think it was real
8 50%
I think it was Fake
10 63%
Voters: 16.
What do you think about the movie Paranormal Activity.
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I'm pretty sure this is the 5th thread I've seen on this movie just tonight. *reported*

edit: and you made one of the earlier ones as well
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I can't be the only one to vote all.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Dude I saw a thing for it on a website and that alone scared the crap outta me lol
I was paranoid all night it suuuucked.
Clicked all of them.

(Haven't seen it.)
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