well right now a dude wants to trade me this head for a guitar i have. but ive never been to sure about crate, and i dont wanna have another one, but i just read that its actually decent. its solid state and just want to hear some opinions from you guys.

i play thrash,jazz, and neo-classical mostly, and actual classical lol.
would it be good for that kind of stuff?
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Not for the carvin i hope.... It probally wont be any better then your peavey bandit.
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It feels a little good inside to be fair, i feel like i rocked to hard that i killed my amp.


I would not trade the Carvin or the Kramer for that head! Is that Vanguard one of the ones from the 80's? If so, I for sure would not trade it. That head is probably worth less than $200.
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That head is probably worth less than $200.

It is, but it's also an Ampeg VH140c clone.
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no its not my carvin or kramer.

its for my esp ltd ex-50.
that one isnt mentioned in my siggy :P
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^ well in that case yeah I might make that trade if I was wanting a head. I have had several SS Crate heads over the years, mostly ones made in the 80's and early 90's. And most have been dependable amps. I still have a G600 that has been a great amp over the years. Sucky distortion though.
Crate GX-130 is killer amp. Yes, trade, nao. If you don't like it, contact me about selling it.
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I have a Crate Blue Voodoo tube head and it died on me a couple days ago, transistor blew or something, sorta quick fix but the guy said it was an unreliable brand in the first place. Now I feel like I should get something different even though I sorta like it(first tube amp). Not sure about solid state heads. You get what you pay for.