I've been thinking of some gear that I really don't need and its just piling up and was wondering what GC's trade in policy is. Do they give you the 20% off an item still if you trade something in? do they give you pretty good value?

I have a Spider 3 ( 15 watt ) that I really don't want, as well as thinking about just trading in my Epi LP custom ( all stock ) and then buying an ESP viper 301 or something a little more metal. How much do you think they would give me?

Hmm, I also have a Peavey 120W and 60W ( both 1x12 ) thinking of trading the 120W in, either way both are more then enough watts.
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you are better off selling them on craigslist or the classified section of ug. GUitar center is going to give you as little as they can because they want cash money not more stuff to sell
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Money towards this gear = $0.00

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No kidding they will probally offer u like 10 bucks for the spider 3...

U might get something decent for the epi les paul if its in decent condtion.
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Local shops are the way to go. I got $75 store credit for a spider 2 (75 watt) about a year and a half ago.
Idk about a 15w spider 3 (I'm not capitalizing the name of the god-awful creation), but I would say local shops. I remember GC wanting to give $45 for the same amp. Store credit of course, so I probably would have gotten less in cash.
I actually just did something extremely similar so allow me to shed some light for you.

I traded in a Fender 70's reissue strat just like this


Seeing as it goes for $750 new and mine was in really good condition I thought I should be able to get at least $400-500, but thats not how it works lol

Apparently what they do at GC is look up your item on ebay and see how much they are selling it for used and how many bids they have. If they have 0 bids after its been up for a few days then they say that the price is too high and it wont sell for that much.

Long story short, they only gave me $280 for my guitar.


they had an Ibanez prestige RG1570 used for $500 in mint condition in a color thats no longer available with upgraded (Dimarzio) pickups AND the locking stud mod, so thats what I traded my guitar for. Keep in mind those guitars go for $1000 brand new with lame stock pickups and with that stud mod.

In conclusion, they're probably gonna screw you over on your gear, but that also means you can get some sweet used gear at a great price!
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In conclusion, they're probably gonna screw you over on your gear, but that also means you can get some sweet used gear at a great price!

So surely the moral of the story is to sell your gear at wherever you can get the best price, and then head over with your bulging wallet to pick up some cheapies...?