Okay guys so I have a violin style clip on microphone which I have until now just been using to plug my acoustic guitar into an electronic tuner. I also have a soundhole magnetic style pickup which I have been using for live gigging when micing up the guitar has not been a practical option. This however created a rather "electronic sound" and Im looking at creating a more realistic representation of the acoustic guitar sound.

What I was wondering was if by using a simple headphone splitter (the type people use to listen to plug two pairs of headphones into one amp) and a simple jack extension chord (maybe a guitar lead with a jack to input converter on the end simply for length), I may be able to effectively create a blend pickup system without forking out for something new... The magnetic pickup has "volume" and "tone" controls, which if this works I was hoping would be able to allow me to customize the balance between microphone and magnetic pickup to suit my surroundings...

Your thoughts? Would this work?
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