mehh they started going downhill after RTL i'de say. Way better thrash bands out there anyways.
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bands are bound to change over time with different experinces and influences, but yes i do agree that james' voice is certainly becoming a little less 'powerful'
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I think after the Black Album (5th Metallica album) James and not only him but the whole band is changing.And now James is not like he was in the 80`s

James blew his voice box shortly after, if not during the recording of the Black Album, which is why his voice changed after that point.
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Did you sound the same 20 years ago?
Your voice is always changing over the years, especially when you're treating your voice the way hetfield does...

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my guitarist saw metallica on the last world tour, he said james's voice was as powerful as it was in the 80s
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metallica finished making good albums after master puppets, because their first 3 albums were thrash and then they turned into... something else. and yes james is like 500 years old now man hes starting to look like yoda of course his voice has changed.