Me and this other guy will be playing some songs Like "The godfather theme"
We dont have any singer and we just thought we could do the main riff of "One in a
milion" and "I used to lover her" by Guns n' Roses and do some soloing on those
riffs(We're not doing the whole song but the main riff and do an Improvised solo to it) He has acoustic and i got eletric guitar so i thought those songs would sound nice.

What does the pit think,And what other songs could we do?.

Also,its for new students who came from other contries to this school.
Quote by MosesThoukwho

Also,its for new students who came from other contries to this school.

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA
At a talent show I was at, some kid did a collection of classic rock solos. He had Stairway, Crazy Train, Wayward Son and tons of other solos all kind of mashed up. He got a standing ovation. Pretty cool if you can pull it off.
How about America - Fuck Yeah!? You don't really need to sing, just yell out every so often.
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If you get your friend to learn the chords to some famous solos and then just run through them it would be good. Things like stairway and knocking on heavens door would be good with acoustic backing.

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