hi thinking of getting an ovation idea,but im sort of an advanced beginner,would you recomend this guitar?also any reviews about the guitar would be appreciated.....thanks..
I would not recommend it, because it will sound stupid unamplified and it has way too many fancy bits to take it seriously. Get a normal guitar, not a laptop with strings.
If you like it buy it !!!!!don,t buy any guitar because of the name that it goes by!
i used to own a low price ovation, and would definitely not recommend one due to poor sound quality. i actually stopped playing after a while because it was also a pretty uncomfortable guitar. the only ovations i played that sound good are the al dimeola model and the their other top end ones.

if you decide to get one, i strongly suggest you spend time playing one at a store, preferably more than just a couple minutes. then compare the neck to some other guitars.

what are you playing now, btw, and do you find it comfortable?
My 1st guitar i bought was an ovation elec/acoustic and is not any use
apart from myself learning basic chords from it
it was only British £120 in money but i knew nothing then about guitars

and made the silly mistake and went for looks but it sounded terrible
and since i have purchased a 2nd hand next to new alvarez RD20S acoustic for £90
and the one i got was in perfect nick and in shop runs for approx £200 and it's a far better guitar.
You guys have obviously never played a properly setup Ovation. ALL of mine are excellent players... PERIOD! Ovation necks are as close to an electric style neck that you will find. Plugged in, you will be hard pressed to find better. Acoustically, it varies (like any other guitar). You should take a friend and play one and let him listen, then swap. Ovations are designed to project, so they can sound thin from the players position.

The iDea preamp is a great learning tool. You can load MP3s into it, record to it, use its mic, it has many worthwhile features.

That being said, if you don't like the sound or the way it feels, then its not for you.
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Quote by Auriemma
Ovation necks are as close to an electric style neck that you will find.

In my opinion, that is a bad thing. Regardless, it's not that they don't play particularly well, it's that they sound so dreadful when they aren't plugged in, the Idea even more so than the other models. The mp3 add-ins and fancy extra bits seem to act more like distractions, rather than useful tools.

But opinions are opinions. If the TS is into it, go for it.
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For electric players, Ovations probably are the most comfortable. I don't think there's any disagreement there. Although as GC said, that shape isn't so idea for acoustic guitars. The flatter, lower profile necks make it hard to get leverage, often making your hand cramp more easily(assuming you're more of a beginner).

The sound, however... is the biggest issue. It doesn't sound all that pleasant.
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Quote by captivate
The sound, however... is the biggest issue. It doesn't sound all that pleasant.

Your phrasing is so gentle.