The wife and i want to record some backing tracks of our own to jam along with and are looking for a set up that will cover this. Having spoken to a music shop who advised us to get software keyboard interface etc i`d like so opinions from people who aren`t trying to sell us thier products , so can anyone give us some useful advice please? many thanks
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
Since your first post was sort of.. worded bleh.
I'll ask.. do you want to record the music with instruments you already have? If that's the case then saying you're recording backing tracks didn't have a point. You'd need an interface, a DAW, and mics then.

But if you mean you want to record instruments you don't have then you'll want to look into VST Plugins and a midi controller.

You'll need a DAW to put the plugins through and record them.
Pro Tools, Cubase, and Reaper are the DAWs people will probably recommend.. as for the plugins.. there are a number of free ones out there but for the really good ones.. those can cost a lot.
yes we both play guitar, my wife plays acoustic and sings folk whilst i like to play lead , so we are after a set up that can cater for both styles , the wife finds it difficult to find backing tracks of the songs she sings and wants to make her own
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
.. you still didn't answer my question.

Do you mean you want to make backing tracks with like drums, piano, synth, bass, etc?