i play heavy metal but i want an heavy metal guitar and i can change it too indie if i wanted too.

i've look at 3 guitars

Ibanez S470B

Jackson DK

Shecter Hellrasier C-1 FR

any opinions or advice and help to find the right guitar would be awsome!
I tried the Jackson and the Schecter, I finally bought the Jackson DK2S (same as DK but with Sustainiac in the bridge), I really liked the thin neck, but buy what feels and sounds good to you.
Stay away from the hellraiser if you want to go indie, the emg's in that thing will butcher your cleans like nobody's business.

Personally i'd say go for the jackson, seems the best suited for what you need
any advice on the ibanez cause i really like the ibanez S470B BUT i need advice?
The pickups in the Ibanez suck so you would need to change them before you can play good metal
The hellraiser will be the best guitar for metal but the Jackson with passive SD's will be more versatile
I recommend the Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX with active Seymour Duncan Blackouts and there is also a Floyd Rose version if you want it. It will be amazing for metal and more versatile than the Hellraiser
Jackson DK is great and much versatile if you ever want to play anything else, but the hellraiser is nice as well. but my vote goes to jackson
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Trust me, the Hellraiser is fine for cleans because the pickups have coil tap. Obviously the cleans won't be as good as a Fender's but it will be better than any of the other guitars on your list.

As for the heavy metal, the pickups are EMG's after all...
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