This is a piece I´ve written roughly about a year ago, and while searching for ideas in my previous written songs, I found it again. It is a Fusion-based piece, with 3 parts (A, B, Bridge), Solos over the A part later in the song. I liked the song so much that I rewrote it, and included this version as "Flying Colours", since I made a spelling mistake in the original song as "Flying Colurs". The new version is very influenced by Nu Jazz as Depart, as well as Nils Petter Molvaer. So if you check one piece out, please also take a look at the other one!

Required for listening:

- an open mind
- Midi (no RSE Mix)
- Good surround soundsystem (or Headphones)

This pieces are C4C, the more you write, the more I write.

Have a nice listen!
Flying Colours.zip
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Great work! This fould fit some tv movie or a game! I have one thing that I didn't like anyway. In Theme A guitar chords didn't fit really the song.