I currently have a Epiphone LP Standard and until recently wanted to get the Gibson version or maybe some kind of strat.
But a new guitar has caught my fascination... The Gibson Firebird
I have heard it can get the nice crisp tones that a strat has, yet some nice rhythm crunch like a LP.
I play in my church band (lead vocals, rhythm electric), and an other band on the side (switching between rhythm and lead).
The firebird is a rare guitar to see used on stage I think just cause it hasn't caught on, sort of like the Gibson Explorer.
Also, EVERYBODY at my church plays one of three things: Les Paul, Tele, or a Strat.
I sorta wanna be different without going so radical as a flying V.

I wouldn't be getting this guitar really soon, it is just something to save for.

Opinions please?

Thanks in advance.
It's got horrendous neckdive.
Everything else isn't too shabby though.
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over priced for what they are imo

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the firebird bass in nice

It really isn't
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the firebird bass in nice

you mean the thunderbird? i personally cannot stand them, seeing as the only upside that most people see in them is the looks, and i think they look awful.

the firebird, however, is considered a fairly good guitar, but the reason you see people with strats, teles, LPs etc, is because they're a whole lot more well known, and proven over time to be great guitars. not saying the firebird can't be in the right hands, i agree that they havent had as much exposure to the guitar playing public, as the more common styles of guitar.

but yeahh, if you try one out, expect neckdive, unless you move the strap button or just hold the neck when you're not playing it. i tried the epi version out, and that sounded pretty nice for a rock guitar, but if you can try one out, before you buy it, that would be a huge help in furthering your decision.

hope that helped
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Which one? III, V, VII?

The only one I can find is the V...
Is the III or VII better?
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The only one I can find is the V...
Is the III or VII better?

I prefer the VII - better looking, IMO, with triple mini-humbuckers. Usually a trem, but it's a trem of the bigsby tradition more than the Floyd Rose. Its tone is sort of in between Fender and Gibson IMO, but leaning more to the Gibson side. I recall the VIIs being very heavy, too, as well as the aforementioned neckdive.
i have one, the nickdive is not that bad, you get used to leaning more weight on your picking arm. i love the sound, clean and dirty handles perfectly. its my favorite guitar.
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with a little modding you should be able to fix it, i'm not sure if it's the same case as a neck heavy bass.

check this out:

Usefull, but the photos made me lol, , not sure why, but they did
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I haven't tried a Gibson Firebird but the Epiphone I played was nice enough. I heard the tuners are really freaking heavy though so people like to replace them with Steinberger tuners which fixes that problem and makes the guitar much easier to fine tune.
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Try one out, and make sure it can get the tones you want. Personally I think the Firebird is a pretty nice axe, but I haven't played one