Its been a while since I've posted any thing up on here, and this song has been one of my more enjoyable softer pieces. I think I may have posted this a while ago here, however after searching for it; it appears it has been deleted. I would like some more feedback on it, though; which is why I am posting it up here. The lyrics and general concept for the song is written in the info on the song. I wrote it for my girlfriend, primarily.

If you leave me some good feedback, feel free to leave a link to something of yours for me to comment on.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3nyjlGpr3w (watch in HD if you can).
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Oh my god. That was beautiful! Gave me the chills.

You could make the vocals a bit louder I thought. But they harmonize really, really well with the rest of the song. I love the progression of the chorus. Really nice.

The only thing I was a little disappointed by, was the ending. There was something weird about the vocals and their melody that sorta ruined it for me. While the song is obviosly very emotional and the verses make a sad impression on me, the chorus is kind of like a glimpse of hope. And even though I understand that it's meant to be a tragic song, I would really love to see it ending, leaving a little space for hope there.
The ending as it is now just didn't manage to keep up the feeling the rest of the song gave me.

BUT: That is just my opinion. You must have really felt the song, when you wrote and recorded it. And it touched me, like not many songs do. So that's a big compliment from my side. This is, for me personally, one of the best songs I've heard so far on Ultimate-Guitar.

My respect man!

EDIT: What did you use for the orchestral stuff?

would be nice, if you could listen to "Lovesong" in my profile and tell me what you think.
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The only bad thing about this song are the vocals. Too low, too unclear. I think they just don't match with the rest of the song. Guitar sounds wonderful. So clear and bright. Keys are also very nice and gentle! Good job here!

I'm wondering how you recorded the acoustic guitar?

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Thanks for the comments. I see what you're saying about the ending, however it stays basically because it is a significant aspect of the musical story; and my life (as the lyrics are really a reflection of my general beliefs and conditions). While its not explicit, the ending really reflects the tragedy aspect of the song as well as my general atheistic beliefs. There is no afterlife or continuation of the ending of these individuals lives, every thing is momentary; and inevitably that is what makes the words more beautiful (for me any ways). A person willing to love under the conditions of seeing love die and every thing die is in the least an interesting person.

For the orchestral sounds, I used Atmosphere by Spectrasonics (predates the newer, more popular Omnisphere which was used by Dream Theater on their new album).
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