Hi, there has probably been a thousand threads like this, but I'm going to ask anyways. Ok so as the title says I'm looking for a new electric guitar. I currently have a Washburn X10 and would like to move up a notch (or two) in terms of build quality and sound. I really would like a guitar that is good with stock pickups for Metallica and Iron Maiden and other metal: all round clean and distortion, but would be usable for more rock style stuff like gun's and roses even up to funk soul stuff. However, the main thing would be to get a good build quality, playable neck and good pickups (mainly for Metallica and Maiden as mentioned). My current guitar has a strato style tremolo and I really don't want that. I would much rather have a fixed bridge or a floyd if it doesn't raise the price too much. I would like to stay in the 200-300€ price range. Its probably a lot to ask so I'd just drop the floyd if its not a good idea in that price range.

Open to any suggestions, Thanks in advance.
look into a used PRS

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

have you tried a schecter C1 classic? i think thats the most versatility and great construction i can think of. also i was thinking of a parker p44 but i think its a little out of your price range, but i personally love that guitar (minus the finish) it plays great and reeeeally versatile. i dont like floyd equipped guitars, so i wont recommend any.