Not nearly enough discussion of this band. Also they have no official thread and they sorely need one.

I'll start: The guitarist for Origin, Paul Ryan, works at the local Guitar Center over here. He's an acquaintance of mine and he gives a shout out when I see him. In addition to being an amazing guitarist, he's also a really nice guy. One time my friend showed up for a show and the people thought she was drunk and wouldn't let her in, and he gave her some comforting words.

I've only got their latest album, Antithesis, but it's pretty damn awesome.
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I went to the guitar center in SF and was in shock when I saw him I just stared at him and he was creeped out. Checkout the seconds and first album they're have a good mix of brutal and technical.
Only have Antithesis, loving it, but I swear there's a thread poking around somewhere or other.
He works at the Frisko guitar center? might have to check that one some day...
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I have Antithesis, its good, but its pretty full on. You have to be in the mood I guess. Finite is an awesome song.
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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I would shit myself if I saw Origin members at a guitar store

Anyways, this thread reminded me to give Antithesis another spin. Origin is brutal as fvck