hey anybody out there know a thing or two about schecter guitars,im pretty new to it
so any input would be deeply appreciated.

any comments on the above mentioned guitar??

is the ofr made by schaller???

is the neck set thru or set in?? theyve mentioned set-neck

im basically looking for a guitar that can handle lots of arpeggios,solos, and a little bit of metalcore and maybe even a good clean sound

is this guitar the right choice??

there are a couple of other guitars like the jackson dkmg,esp ltd mh 401 qm
which ive looked at.

thanks in advance
I own a Schecter C-1 FR, and I love it. I'm not sure who actually makes the OFR, so I can't answer that. I believe they call the neck something like "set thru." It's a set neck, but it's sculpted to be as though it was a neck thru guitar. The guitar's great for "arpeggios, solos, and a little bit of metalcore," but the clean sound is not particularly amazing (EMG pickups, y'know). I hope that helps.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot about the pickups in the current model (mine's a 2007). They should be fine for cleans and metal.
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def a good choice. schecter guitars are one of the top brands that give you quality for your money.

its set neck. good for metalcore, and good cleans (i think the new ones come with emg 89/89 right, that can be coil split?)
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the schecter hellraisers are great. im not sure if the neck is neck-thru or set neck, but it has the ultra-access joint which is great for easy upper fret access. schecter's necks are considered to be a little on the thick side compared to ESPs, LTDs, Jacksons, and Ibanezes. But i dont mind it, my shcecter feels great. it is made for metal, thats why it has EMGs. the blackjack ATX series are really nice too. they're kinda the same except for cosmetics and the atx has SD blackouts. the jackson dkmg is nice too, but it has a bolt-on, but still a nice thin neck. i havent played the ltd mh401 though.

EDIT: and the OFR is made by Floyd Rose. great trems. if you havent had one yet, be prepared to be annoyed by thier complexity. once u learn them though, they're great. and the coil-split will help to get good cleans. especially if u split the neck pup.

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how is its neck,i hear it is mahagony??
in comparison to maple

its really a matter of personal opinion. im not sure on sound differences. my squier has a maple neck, and my others have mahogany. but it wont have much of a difference in sound really, just feel. but after the mahogany is painted then clear coated it has a nice smooth feel. the maple is usually just clear coated. but the jackson is a thinner neck (jackson has maple). if u can, get out to a guitar center and try them out, see what u like. but then again, if u get a guitar with EMGs, the wood types are gonna make practically no difference in sound what-so-ever. so they will all sound the same. it comes down to looks and neck. if u like real thin necks, get the jackson or LTD, if thicker necks are more along your style, get the schecter.

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but the jacksons and esp dont come with an original floyd rose and are way more expensive
Not very thick at all. It is a little thinner than a Fender neck. Withing a few days or weeks, you will get used to it if you haven't already.
I myself own the Blackjack ATX and I think it is better than the Hellraiser, though the Hellraiser is a really good guitar as well but most people who have played both do seem to prefer the ATX due to its Blackouts and Ebony Fretboard.
I also prefer the feel of a Mahogany neck to a Maple neck. It is smoother.

The Schecter is a good choice. Go for it. The OFR stands for Original Floyd Rose which is top of the line but if you change tunings a lot, I would avoid it and go with a Fixed Bridge.
i wish i could afford a C-1 but i aint got 800 dollars

however I played one at guitar center. and god damn was it a nice guitar
I got a Hellraiser C-1 FR, and if there is anyway you can get the money, buy it.
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