Alright. I've noticed FL Studio gets a fair bit of hate around here, but I really don't care. What I'm asking is what's the best way to mix songs on there?
Should I save every single "track" down by itself and then put them all into a DAW? Or should I just mix it on FL studio?
I mix on FL...

I record in Cubase/Reaper do all my guitar and bass editing and then. export the Wavs. The I import them into FL file which has my programmed drums, then I go about setting levels and panning shit. Automating effects etc.

I really need to learn to mix on another DAW. The fact that to hear a Wav you have to play from the start is just annoying.

Yeah. I was thinking about doing the opposite in reference to guitar and bass.
I have my drums and synth stuff on FL. I have one song that's finished on FL and just needs vocal but I'm not sure what the best way to mix the actual music is..
Then I have another that I've been working on that'll need some guitar tracks when it's done. Maybe bass. Depends if I want to use a double bass or an electric..

Just not sure if FL is any good for mixing.

edit: so I just listened to your soundclips.
Awesome stuff dude.
What do you do for the drums?
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