Someone is selling this in my local ad

I'm not sure if I can test it because I may not be able to get a drive that far. He said he could meet me halfway so I wouldn't be able to test it. I've been looking up on it but does anyone know if this is worth it or any good. I play classic rock and am extremely Megadeth influenced.
Ive been looking at that ad, too. Id love to test the head out n see what it sounds like, for having 'The Most Gain of any Marshall'. But I cant get to Glace Bay either.
Id say as tempting as it is, if you cant test it, dont buy it. Cus once you do, if its ****ed.....youre ****ed
Ive played on one and tbh it sucked balls...its loud for sure but it still sounds like a solid state amp and it has nowhere near as much gain as u expect...i was very dissapointed coz id wanted to try one out for ages.
at that price, id rather get a new JCM2000, or look around for a used JCM800 or JCM900 if you have to go marshall. I like the JCM2000.
that seems a bit expensive. You can get alot of "better" stuff for that price.

I would look around a bit more and see what else you can find
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TS, have the guy meet you at a guitar store if possible.
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