I just bought a guitar strap the other day to put on my bass guitar. It was fine, although a little tight aroung the strap buttons >.<

As for my question, do you guys take off your guitar strap when putting them on their cases or not? I just noticed that a part of the stitch in the leather around the button hole is already stitched up from my constant taking-off of the strap after use and installing it back when i use it again.
I've got strap locks so I don't bother taking them off, but even before i got the locks i never took off the strap. Another thing is that certain straps wear off faster than others because of the material, the woven fabric like Fender straps usually seem to hold up nicely for me.
i used to take it off
but now i gotstrap locks...very good keeps the strap good
I've got a leather strap and use strap locks so I just leave it on.
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I guess I'm the opposite - I've got the Dunlop Straplocks that quick detach, so now I take the strap off, where before I never would for fear of stretching the holes.
I have Straplocks but I take the strap off all the time (just not the anchor obviusly).
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And wouldn't you rather have a wrinkled strap than a guitar laying on the floor with a cracked neck?
I have a 3" leather strap and I just try to lay it flat along the top horn side of my bass. works fine and the strap is 2 or 3 years old now. no noticeable wear.
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ok, thanks, i wont take it off again.

Don't do it. Ever.
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