ive been wanting to get a white jackson rr model but im a clumsy dude and the thing is going to get its fair share of scratches and dents.

do white guitars get that same worn in look that other guitars get with age or do they just kindof look crappy?
The White will change to an aged cream kinda look as time goes on. but i personally think that looks awesome.
actually white my look better
probably scratches less as well

shiney colours scratch more
I've had a white Shecter Omen 6 for a year now and it's got its dents and stuff but you can't really see it at all. It's great. I'd say go for it.
I love white guitars. Especially on an RR.... thats why I love the Alexi Model so much. I always want to get a Schecter Hellraiser 7 string in white one day. ahhhhh... dreams.
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Really depends on the finish. Lacquer will yellow with age naturally and give you that cream look. Polyurethane doesn't yellow, so the guitar shiouldn't change too much over ther years unless maybe if it's in constant sunlight (UV).
Moving on.....
as said the white finish will start to yellow after several years, and you`ve got to stay on top of wiping it down after each session, the smallest spec of dust shows up very clear and the pickups show more dirt on them than you`d normaly see on a darker coloured guitar...