I just want to see you try

What I work for is of strangers
What I live by is not mine
I am threatened, I’m in danger
For those thoughts inside my mind

I’m a puppet tied in ropes
I’m a rabbit hunted wild
What I’ve left is just my hopes
That one day I’ll dare to smile

Misconduct and they will fire
Over ground and I’ll be hired
This is prison, I’m not free

I Live alone insight my thoughts
Suffocating in my clothes
Closed inside a human being

I just want to see you try
Burn them down and see them fry

The day everyone is down
We will not try on the crown
All authorities denounced
A new life we shall announce

And that day the ropes will loose
We shall live the way we choose
There will be no laws and rules
Just the ones banning abuse

Don’t be scared no one will fire
There will be no boss to hire
And the prisons are destroyed

Equality through difference
All anew and nothing withers
Even gods are not annoyed

I just want to see you try
Burn them down and see them fry
Every form of control over another person is a crime

AEK Athens
Asteras Exarcheion
Prasini Thyella
Rayo Vallecano

RED MILITIA-Vamos a Vencer
Quote by ChicoSilva
Whoa,dont know why,I really liked that ^^ Great Job!

The only thing I might change is the first section to "... I'm endangered by the thoughts..." but it's fine the way it is.