So I messed around a bit with various mic positions and amp settings this week, but I cant really decide what's best or what's even good.

I uploaded a little sample on my profile, the main roff of the duke nukem theme by megadeth, played with an Washburn x50PROFE, emg85 bridge pickup.

Amp: Behringer vintager ac112, gain 5 presence 7.5, EQ 9/6/9
Mic AKG perception 200 condenser
No editing or effects
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I can tell you straight off the bat that your settings are gonna give you terrible tone.

now I'll listen to your clip.

alright, so it didn't sound and bad as I expected, but it's still not gonna work in a big metal mix (too much gain, mic too far away) . The key to recording metal guitars is to back off the gain. double track, 4, 8 tracks even. however many you want, and then mix them together with the bass and drums to give you a huge sound.
if you want a nice and tight guitar tone, I suggest you
a. back off the gain to about halfway
b. back off the presence a bit (or leave it, if it doesn't sound well)
c. position the mic in front of your amp, about two fingers' width away, pointing slightly to the side of the center of the amp's speaker. play around with this positioning, your settings, and double track, and then see what you can come up with.
Remember, use like 4 condensers, and like.. 2 57's. Gets a good bassy metal tone.

Mic two of the condensers close to the speaker for the bassy sound (guitar, of course)... make sure the gain is low on the mics... One condenser a few feet away from the two condensers on the speaker, for ambiance. One behind the speaker for more ambiance... two 57's right off the grill.
Update, recorded two little duke nukem riffs (yep I love this guy), the first one is doubled and the second riff is recorded 4 times. Any suggestions for the EQ? I know 9/6/9 is bad for recording.
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