Well, my guitar has gone to the shop to be repaired, and Xbox is getting insanely boring.. What can I do? Is there any sort of free TV feed, or anything interesting on iPlayer? etc. etc.? Stuff like that thats quite cool.

Might just end up either watching a film off TV shack, watching the entire DBZ episodes, Scrubs maybe.. I dunno. What can I do?
inb4 Fap/I cum blood/Rape.

Dunno go for a run lift some weights..
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I was pretty bored this morning too.
So I went for a walk outside, that was nice... being Autumn.

If you're too f*cking lazy to go outside, listen to "Life is Worth Living" by George Carlin. It's pretty interesting and funny.
You can do something you like, and if you don't know anything?
You must kill yourself then! If you don't like your life, don't live it